Does anyone have any really good ideas to help get more people using this website? It has such potential

I will look forward to your replies. Thanks in adavance. Georgina

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I became a true Christian in relative later life in mid 30's and suddenly not only was I inspired by our saviour but also by the warmth and generosity of help given to me by what,at that time,were relative strangers.It is now very easy for me to say that virtually all of my best friends are at St Michaels and in these days now of cutbacks,more job losses,serious crime to name but a few,there will be more people within the Parish and Huyton in general who could use this warmth and depth of understanding and concern too.

Therefore we need to get more people to come to Church in whatever form this takes,either by ourselves actually mentioning it to friends and family rather than meaning to.I know that formost this can seem difficult and perhaps we should seek some help from John and the readers to aide us because,lets face it,most of us are a bit uncomfortable with this(feeling that we may be intruding).Iam sure there are other ways too and maybe someone can suggest.

Once we have these extra people doubtless they will too sign up to the website and so forth and so on.


Thanks for getting back to me. It could be a good idea to contact the 'hard to reach' who are very familiar with techology but do not attend church currently, via other websites. Perhaps members of the congregation could post messages and the link to the other social networking sites they belong to and offer the link to the Huyton Parish Church website. Sites that address Huyton and Liverpool would be very useful and people that perhaps did attend Huyton Parish Church in the past could be interested to find out more about what is happening now.

I am also hoping that members of the congragtion will also have a view as to how they woudl like to use 'their' web. The sales, wants and free section could be made use of and there may be other discussion groups that people would like to start. Similarly if people submitted their photos, events etc  it would help maintain the web and keep it up-to-date.


Thanks again. Best wishes Georgina




Thanks for the advice and thank you so much for getting back to me. It gets lonely out here writing to myself :)

This should hopefully bring lots more people to the site. Perhaps someone from the church is in close contact with the school and the school events etc could be posted too.

Kind Regards Georgina

Hi Georgina

Other church websites I have looked at include research information.  A lot of people are interested in church history and genealogy, it would be nice to see photos of the church inside and out as well as those from the past.  Another thing that would be of interest to people are the gravestone inscriptions, is there a record of inscriptions?  St.Chads church has a link to their gravestone inscriptions along with their place in the graveyard and a photograph of the stone.  Have all the parish registers been transcibed?  This is something else that would also be of interest to many people.

Hope this is of some help


Hi Susan

Thanks for getting in touch. We have a couple of photos in the photos section but a section including research and photos sound like a great idea. We could use our Facebook too. The gravestone inscriptions is also interesting, as well as a photo and perhaps a plan. I think we will need to get a few volunteers to help out. I don't know about the parish registers and I will ask. Thanks again. Great ideas!

Best wishes Georgina

Hi Georgina

Just wondered if you have made any progress with the parish registers?  I have been to Huyton Library today and they tell me the records are still held by the church.  Most churches have desposited their registers with Liverpool Record Office who usually film them for public use so that the originals are protected for future generations as they are a valuable part of history.  I am researching a few families that come from the Huyton area and at the moment I am trying to trace the baptism of James (Jacobi) Welsby c1573 along with his possible brothers John and Thomas.

Best wishes


Hi Susan

Good to hear from you. I'm pleased to let you know more photos have been uploaded showing the inside of the church and I have posted a number of links I believe will be of use to genealogist. I am in the process of trying to find out more about the registers. Hopefully I will have some more news soon.

Have a good weekend. Georgina
PS The latest photos and links are on the open Facebook page for Huyton Parish Church.
Hi Susan.
The church records are still in the church. The usual procedure is to contact the church office - Mon-Fri 0151 449 3900. You need as much detail as possible to make the search easier. Unfortunately the C of E have a standard fee for searches. The fee depends on the time taken. I am almost certain that there is no 'system' in place to make the search easy!
As it is the weekend, I will speak to the parish secretary ( she is new in post!) and the church wardens and then get back to you. Hope that is ok with you
Thank you for enquiring. Liz Collison

Keep advertising on Facebook.. and social media, get up a instagram page. x

Thanks Tracy. Thank you for the photos too. I've posted them and acknowledged you as the source.
Stuart Sutcliffe's memorial bench.


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