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 The congregation of Huyton Parish Church is made up of people of different ages and from all sections of the community. Often after a morning service people catch up with the latest news over refreshments.
Visitors are warmly welcomed and quickly find themselves at home. Families where there are young children can take advantage of the play area in the Community Room at the back of the church.

More details of provision for children can be found under the What's On link.

Heading the Church - vacancy. The vicar retired at the end of October 2018.

The Ministry Team is effectively responsible for the smooth running of the Church during the interregnum - the Church Wardens having the legal responsibility in the absence of an incumbent. 

Structure management is exercised by the Parochial Church Council (PCC) which in turn is subdivided into three main teams: The Standing Committee which deals with matters to bring before the next PCC, the Ministry Team which includes clergy, Readers and Church Wardens. 

Church Wardens: Mrs Anne Wilson and Mr Steve Hill

Additional staff: Rev Liz Collison - Hon Curate and Readers, Mrs Hazel Byron, Mrs Gwyn Eagleton and Mrs Christine Monaghan. They support the Church in a variety of ways, most noticeably in the preparing and the leading of worship and preaching sermons. We have a Reader in Training.

 Huyton Parish Church is committed to serving the wider community through our school, Huyton with Roby C of E School and the Fourth Dimension (Charity Shop) in the town centre. Although the Family Worker Project has now closed, efforts are being made to restart it in the near future.

The Food Bank is supported in many ways by the congregation particularly providing the constant supply of food and in the volunteers who give up a great deal of time not just to handing out the much needed food but in being a listening ear to those who need help. Network 55+ is now beginning its 5th year of existence. The group meet for a meal, which is often cooked in the church by our resident chef, on the first Wednesday of the month except August and January. details of this can be found on fb a link of which is on the front page.

A more recent venture is Shop25 part of the FareShare charity which makes good use of food which has in the past ended up in land fill sites.

We are in the process of reopening the Access Centre Charity account with the appointment of several trustees. Plans are going ahead to refurbish the Church Hall to make a more pleasant environment for those who at present use it and in particular to expand making provision for the more vulnerable members of our society.

Present users include a dance class and AA discussion group. 


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