All our Sunday services are projected on two screens. The computer used is manned by a small team of people some of whom actually put the power point presentations together.

Every Sunday each script is prepared usually by the person who is leading the worship. eg The vicar prepares the services of Holy Communion; the Readers Morning and Evening Prayer. Each service is unique for the day and draws on a variety of sources.

The morning service of Holy Communion usually involves a Reader (deacon) and Priest who both administer the bread together with two others who administer the wine.

The evening service of Holy Communion on the first Sunday of the month is led by priest only but a Reader or another person assists with the distribution of the wine.

The evening communion service of Holy Communion on the third Sunday of the month is a more casual affair. At the peace the communicants gather round the table, the bread and wine is passed round from one to another, there is a time for sharing and singing before the closing prayers and final hymn.

Family Service (All Age Worship) is organised by a small group led by one of the Readers. Again as with the other service, each service is unique, prepared in script form and projected on screen as with the other services.

Taize - This service is held in the Community Room and is prepared by and led by the Hon Curate. It is not projected but is in booklet form. As with the other services although unique for the day the liturgy follows the Taize material as found on line. One member of the music group assists (violin /flute) There are refreshments BEFORE this service which enables fellowship.

Sample services:Taize%20Feb18.pdf



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